Dry Shipping in Winter

Astro-Assure Gets a Fresh Look and New Features

Posted onJanuary 31, 2022

We are pleased to announce that our Astro-Assure route forecasting tool has been updated with a modern look and feel as well as a brand new Extreme Weather notification feature. As an Astro-Assure user, you can now sign up to receive email warnings when severe or extreme weather might impact your shipments. We hope you’ll drop in to try out the new design.

Astro-Cooler developed the Astro-Assure web tool as a resource for our customers who ship temperature-sensitive products. The route-forecaster provides you with the information you need to decide whether a rail or dry truck shipment with passive thermal protection is advised based on real weather projections.

Just plug in your product’s shipping point and destination, number of days in shipment, and whether it is an intermodal or OTR shipment. Astro-Assure will provide you with the High and Low temperatures forecast for each location your shipment will pass through ON the day it’s expected to be there. You will also see warnings when the route forecast predicts temperatures that fall outside of your product’s safe range.

With this information you can make informed shipping choices and avoid losses caused by damaged products. You can also save money by keeping your shipments on rail when it IS safe. Investing in Astro-Cooler thermal blankets, quilts, container liners and pallet covers can expand your intermodal shipping window even wider.

The tool is easy to use and is free for Astro-Cooler customers via simple email and password login. If you are a customer and not already using Astro-Assure, call and ask to have your account created! If you would like to learn more about our products, contact us here.

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