Astro-Cooler Rope-Pull Kit

No More Snags

Posted onOctober 27, 2021

Is passive freeze protection over uneven height loads a problem for your loaders?

Though the benefits of passive thermal blankets for protecting temperature sensitive goods are many – low cost, reduced dependence on reefers, increased use of intermodal even during seasonal highs and lows – shippers still may resist if they’ve had trouble in the past installing thermal blankets over pallets that vary in height within a single container.

Imagine a brewery, for example, that ships pallets of longnecks, 12oz cans, and 16oz tallboys in the same load. Not only are the products themselves different heights, they are also very different materials that have different stacking limitations. Installing a thermal blanket can require the loader to hop out of the forklift every couple of rows to pull the blanket forward, only to have it snag on a tall stack at the back. In fact, some of our current brewery customers came to us with this very issue when they were looking for passive thermal solutions.

So, to make this process easier, Astro-Cooler has developed a convenient Roof Rope-Pull installation kit. This rope, carabiner and magnet system allows loaders to set up the kit prior to loading. Once loading is completed, the loader pulls the blanket up and over, all in one go. The magnets guide the blankets along the roof of the container, eliminating snags. No more hopping in and out; No more snagged blankets that lead to tromping on pallets and damaging products just to get it deployed.

Astro-Cooler understands shipping. We know that a useful passive thermal protection system is more than just a pile of material sewn into a blanket – it also needs to be easy and convenient to use. The Astro-Cooler Roof Rope-Pull Kit is just one of the ways our customer-centric solutions help you minimize the headache of applying our blankets and maximize the value you get.

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